weekender bag

Wow!  What a crazy weekend filled with Lilly Pulitzer madness!  I hope you guys had more luck than I did shopping Lilly for Target!  Fortunately for me, Brittany came to the rescue and got me a cute piece from her Tarjay in Nashville.  She is my hero!

This week I am starting to get ready for my weekend trip to Disney World!  Cole’s mom is coming to town and we are all going to partake in a fun Disney Weekend!  We are planning to go to the International Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot! I can’t wait to try some of the yummy food at one of the outdoor kitchens, catch some live music, ride some of my favorite wdw rides, and relax and unwind by the pool in our downtime!  In preparation for the fun weekend trip, I thought it would only be appropriate that I pack my awesome weekender bag from Swoozie’s!
Weekender Bag, Cover Up, Shoes, Tee, Shorts, Swimsuit, Minnie Mouse Ears

Anyone that has ever travelled with me knows that I do not travel light and this bag is the perfect size for all of my weekend clothes and supplies!  For a normal traveller (and not a crazy over-packer like me!) you could probably share this bag with your spouse or kids!  It is sturdy, easy to carry, and most of all super cute!  I love how the monogramming turned out on the front of the bag!  It adds just the perfect touch of personalization and style to the bag.

Do you overpack like I do?  What are some of your packing tips?

I hope you guys have a great day!



Lilly for Target shopping tips


As you all know the Lilly Pulitzer for Target line launches this Sunday, April 19th. I for one could not be more excited. There is so much buzz about this online and on social media the items are sure to sell out FAST. Lilly Pulitzer has 2 sales each year and if you have tried to shop them online you will understand just how serious things get. The site almost always crashes due to the amount of traffic and you also have to wait “in line” to even access the sale online as traffic is too overwhelming for everyone to get on it at once. Once you do finally get access to the site, as fast as you can add items to your cart they will disappear. There are tons of huge Lilly fans out there, like myself, that have been waiting for this line to launch. For those reasons, this line is sure to be hard to get your hands on and to sell out fast. It is also available for a limited time only so don’t wait to shop or it will be too late.

Here are some of my favorites from the Target line and some tips if you plan to do your shopping online.

1. Create your Target account in advanced and add your billing info, shipping info and payment info so that you do not waste any valuable time when you are trying to make your purchases.

2. Do your research NOW. You can view the collection online now. Take your time to look through the items and make your wish list so you are not browsing through all of it and losing precious time as things are selling out in your size.

3. Set your alarm and get on the site early. Things will go fast so this is the only way to make sure you get the items you really want.

4. Check out multiple times. This sounds crazy but it has worked when I have shopped the semi annual Lilly Pulitzer sales on their website. If you try to take your time and fill your cart and check out all at once, by the time you are checking out several items will already be sold out and have disappeared from your cart. Add the items that are top on your wish list first and check out right away to make sure you get those. Then go back and do a separate checkout for everything else.

5. If in doubt…..BUY IT! I know I have said this a ton, but I will say it again… things are going to go FAST. You won’t have time to over analyze your purchases so buy everything you are interested in and you can always return things to the store later but once they are gone from Target thats it.

The scarves, makeup bags, jewelry and adorable selection of purses and weekender bags will make fantastic gifts. You can not beat these prices so stock up on these items and you will have the perfect gifts for your friends that you can hold onto til their birthday or next special event. 

Happy shopping :)

Below you will see some of the items on my wish list. I seriously wish I could buy it all. I don’t think I will be able to sleep Saturday night I will be so excited.



– Brittany

Turquoise state of mind

It was finally warm enough this weekend to enjoy some pool time. I took advantage and took my studies outdoors. I am studying for my pediatric board exam which is rapidly approaching on May 6th.

IMG_8267Bathing suit from last year similar ones here and here // water bottle

Below you can see some of my Summer favorites for the pool or beach. Hope you enjoyed the beautiful weather this weekend.

IMG_8290 2

bikini last year similar here and here // hat // acrylic wine glass // tassel bracelet gift


kate spade drink holder // earrings // Neutrogena cooling sunblock // sunglasses // Lilly Pulitzer scarf (Lobster roll print) last year similar here

All my Lilly lovers, I am dying… they opened their store in the Green Hills Mall this week and Sunday the Lilly for Target line launches. It is too much for one week!!!


CeraVe Giveaway

I hope you all are having a great week! We are hosting a CeraVe Product Giveaway this week!  We are giving away a travel pack of CeraVe products to one lucky reader! Included in the package are cleansing bars, moisturizing cream, and face wash.  I am so obsessed with my CeraVe products!  I can’t go to bed without religiously applying their hand cream.  It is so nourishing, non-greasy, and clean feeling!

Follow the link below to enter!
IMG_1465 IMG_1466
Cerave Giveaway

We will have the drawing and announce the winner next Friday!

Good Luck!