outfits aug 22-26

I hope everyone is having a great week! This has felt like the longest week ever but it is finally Friday; Yay! I am so excited to share with you my work outfits; keep reading to see what I wore.

Mon. Aug 22

IMG_5435 2IMG_5432

bracelet: birthday gift

IMG_5433 2

This clutch is so freaking cute, and the best part is the fact that the back is just as cute as the front. It even has black polka dots on the inside lining. IMG_5434

outfit details: shirt: jcrew factory // pants: jcrew factory // clutch: charming charlie (in stores only) // shoes: saks off 5th

My sweet friend, Susie, surprised me with this adorable clutch when I got to work Monday morning. I absolutely love it and had to put it to use right away. She said they have a ton of other frenchie products at Charming Charlie so I am going to have to drop in their store soon. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find this clutch on their site to link so you will also have to drop in one of their stores if you want to get your hands on one.

Tues. Aug 23

IMG_5457 IMG_5458 IMG_5459


outfit details: shirt: jcrew (old) // pants: jcrew // bag: bath & body works (you can still find it on eBay)// shoes: banana republic (similar) // bracelet: david yurman // watch: gucci (old)

Wed. Aug 24


This clutch is so cute I have a feeling you will be seeing a lot of it.




The back of this sweater and the back of this clutch are everything. These details are so unexpected and really make the outfit. Also, holy cow my hair is getting long. I definitely need a trim ASAP!

outfit details: sweater: old navy (old) // pants: jcrew // flats: sam edelman // necklace: kate spade (old) // clutch: charming charlie (in stores only)

Thurs. Aug 25

This is literally one of my favorite outfits EVER!

IMG_5557 IMG_5558 2 IMG_5559

These shoes are quite possibly my absolute favorite! I can’t begin to describe how much I love them.

outfit details: dress: jcrew // shoes: jcrew //purse: louis vuitton

Have a great weekend!! xoxo -brittany


work outfits aug 15-19

Here are my work outfits for Aug 15-19.

This was not a typical week and I only have two outfits to share because I was in the OR one day and I took one day off to study. I didn’t really think y’all would want to see an outfit pic in scrubs. Although, I did wear the cutest boston terrier socks with my scrubs that Jamie sent me last week.


socks: They are little Louie’s…. literally

Monday Aug 15

IMG_5362 IMG_5363

outfit details: shirt: jcrew // pants: jcrew factory // shoes: banana republic (old) // necklace: kendra scott

Wednesday Aug 17



FullSizeRender 183

outfit details: dress: ann taylor loft (old)// cardigan: j crew factory (similar) // necklace: david yurman // earrings: david yurman

Fri Aug 18

OR = scrubs and Louie socks

I hope everyone has a great week and I promise 4 full outfits this week!

xoxo -brittany

birthday recap

Hi Friends! Here is a birthday recap from last weekend. The celebration began Thursday, on my birthday, and continued through the weekend. We went bowling, played miniature golf, had a pizza party and grilled out with friends and family. My work family was also so sweet and thoughtful and I really felt so loved and spoiled this birthday.

FullSizeRender 182

My sister, brother-in-law and nephews came to town Thursday from Knoxville and stayed through the weekend. It was extra special to have them here on my actual birthday and I came home from work to a house full of family, balloons, presents, cake, fresh flowers and fun birthday decorations. It was such a nice and unexpected surprise.


I think these gold tassels should stay up permanently. Don’t you?


Pink flowers, pink balloons and pink tassels. Someone knows me well…. Thank you Stephanie!

IMG_5352 IMG_5353

I am pretty sure I have every boston terrier card that exists! Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my Louie.

Here are a few more pictures from the weekend. I honestly didn’t take a ton of photos because I was having such a great time I really just wanted to enjoy the moment.


Birthday bowling at Pinewood Social

The boys used our tub more in one weekend than we have in 4 months.IMG_5394

This blanket is everything! It is straight from my wishlist and something I have wanted for years. The boys loved it and so do Dora and Louie; what can I say? They have great taste!IMG_5395


These 4 can do some serious cuddling.


Strawberry cake… my favorite!

The icing on the cake was Sunday afternoon when we got to help my sister and the boys pick out a puppy. Their family is getting a puppy from the same breeder that we got Louie from and he even has the same parents as Louie; how crazy is that?! They love Louie so much that they want to get a puppy from the same breeder and even from the same parents. It is the closest they could get to cloning him, which we did look up, and it is definitely out of the question unless one of us wins the lottery.


Meet Finn…my new nephew. He is only 4 weeks old in this picture. My nephews call him Little Panda. He is the cutest and I can’t wait for them to bring him home.


I can not smile any bigger! Getting to see boston terrier puppies made me so happy my heart could explode.

Here are a few more puppy pictures for those dog obsessed like I am.

Chase is going to be the best brother to Finn. He loves dogs so much and has such a sweet heart.

Finn… I love you already. I can’t wait for Louie to meet you. You two are going to be best buddies.

And last but not least, my Hubby surprised me with not only the gorgeous David Yurman pearl earring from my wish list; but he also got me a matching necklace. I was so shocked I couldn’t believe it.


I love them so much and have been wearing them everyday since he surprised me.

I had such a wonderful birthday I did not want the weekend to end. I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband and family and I could not have asked for anything more. I hope everyone has a wonderful week and do not forget to shop the Lilly Pulitzer semi annual after party sale that starts today!!

xoxo -brittany

summer favorites

Good morning!  Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a great weekend!

I have been completely absent from the blog as I have been on vacation in Colorado and now am preparing to move!  I am so excited to get in our house at the end of the month–I can hardly contain myself!

I have been sorting through what to share with you all to fully update you on what I have  been up to the last few weeks and felt that a summer favorites post was in order.  I am going to get started!

Beauty Favorite–Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow
bobbi brown

I have this amazing shadow in Stone and Sand Dollar.  It is truly the perfect cream shadow–long lasting, gentle for contact lens wearers, and beautiful in pigmentation.  I am always really boring with my eye makeup but this one has become something that is easy enough to apply that I actually wear it nearly every day (sometimes I just can’t pull it together on Monday mornings).

Fast Food Lunch Favorite–Chick fil A !
I have been putting together a healthy little lunch at Chik fil A as a weekly treat and break from my normal work lunches.  I order the grilled chicken nuggets and the large superfood side (a kale and broccolini salad).
Superfood-Side-in-Bowl-Photo-MediaThe grilled chicken nuggets come in at 140 calories for 8 pieces and the large superfood side has 170 (if you don’t mix in  the nuts it has 100 calories!) It is something I look forward to each week and is a nice break from eating at home or at work.

Tech Favorite–Apple Watch Nylon Band
I recently upgraded my watch band for a fun summertime look–I got the Pink Woven Nylon band and am loving the pop of pink that it adds to my daily wardrobe!  I am loving my Apple Watch for running–it functions as a nice GPS alternative and has some added features that make me still enjoy it over the Garmin.

Dinnertime Favorite–California Pizza Kitchen Flatbread
pizzaThe week I discovered these I think I ate this pizza for dinner 3/7 nights.  It isn’t “healthy” but at 400 calories for 2 servings it is comparable to a Lean Cuisine.  I love thin and crispy pizza and this alongside a salad is the most indulgent 400 cals I’ve ever had.

Favorite App–Free Prints
I am always guilty of never ordering actual photos of my life events, vacations, etc.  A coworker told me about this app and my first batch of pics just came.  The prints are free and all you pay is the shipping and handling.  The extra handy thing is that it is an app on your phone and easily accesses all your photos that you have stored on your phone.  For me this makes printing the pics so so much easier.  I am so bad about loading to my comp, loading to Shutterfly, and then getting around to ordering.  With this app, there is no longer an excuse not to print the pics.

Favorite Accessory–BP Retro Sunglasses
I bought these sunnies on a whim d/t the great price and Dior-copying style.  At $12 I felt the purchase was a no-brainer!  I have been enjoying wearing them all summer and they are a pretty decent dupe of the Dior ‘So Real’ frames.  Unfortunately I don’t know if they have actually satiated my Dior sunglasses want as those gorgeous sunnies are still at the top of my wishlist.  Why do some things have to be so expensive??

Favorite Shoes–Saucony Kinvara
I used to have a pair of Kinvara’s and recently rediscovered my love for these running shoes.  They are really light weight and comfortable.  I don’t like them as well for really long distances as they can lack support but this has not been a problem for me though as I have not been running more than 6 miles in one run.  If you are looking for a marathon shoe, this might not be supportive enough but for 3-8 miles it should serve you well.

Favorite After-work Drink–Schweppes Lemon Lime sparkling water with a Slice of Lime
I have been craving this bubbly treat every day when I get home.  It is just the right amount of fizz and refreshment.  I am still drinking tons of La Croix, but for some reason the bubbles in this don’t seem as fierce–if that makes any sense.  It tastes like a Sprite without the sugar.  Obviously water is probably a healthier option, but this is a better option than Soda/Pop.

What are some of your favorites this summer?  Comment below and lets catch up!

Have a great day!