2016 Kate Spade planner available

It is that time again…. I am so excited to see that the 2016 Kate Spade planner is available. This planner has been a favorite of mine and so many other readers. I hope you order yours early so you do not miss out, it has a tendency to sell out fast!! I love that the planner comes in 2 different sizes, medium and large, and this year I plan to get the medium size so it will be more portable and easier to fit in my purse. I also love that they come in 4 different prints: 2 of which, the classic black stripe and gold dot are staples and available each year and the other two are new to the 2016 planner. My favorite is still the gold dots!

This 17 month planner is made well and will still look brand new at the end of the 17 months. I also love that the spiral is inside the hard outer cover because I think it gives it a sleeker look. Inside, it has 2 pockets that are perfect for keeping things with you on the go that you do not want to forget. Bills, birthday cards, stamps and post-it’s are some of the items you will find in the pockets of my planner. I wish it had a pen loop so that I would have my favorite planner pen handy at all times, so I just buy one on amazon and add it to the planner to make it perfect for my use.

I promise you will LOVE this planner so order yours now so you do not miss out!

XOXO -Brittany


Am I the last person in the world to discover this app? This year one of my bff’s introduced me to Snapchat and I have become completely addicted!  If you are new to the snapping world (like I was), I thought I would attempt to help you have a small understanding so that you can join me in all the snapchatting fun!


What is Snapchat?
Oh, I’m so glad you asked!  It is an app that you download on your phone.  You take pics or vids on it, add captions or drawings, and send said pics/vids off to your friends.  The coolest thing with the content on this app is that it disappears after you watch it once!  (No more debating whether or not to send the most random pic of your day to your friend and clogging their iPhone memory!)

Everyone wants a 6 second pic of me waiting for my husband to come out of work, right? 😉

Can I send a text about the snap I just watched?
Yes you can!  If you want to comment on a particular pic or vid, you can text with that person all within the Snapchat app!

What is a Story?
Another cool feature on this app!  If you want to upload a Story to your Snapchat, your friends/followers can watch the “Story” for 24 hours!

I really enjoyed the “Story” feature on my recent SF trip.  It was a nice way to archive my daily activities!  I even downloaded one of the stories from our trip to Sausalito so I could have a fun and quick summary of our day…feel free to watch below!


Another great feature in the “Stories” section of the app are Stories that highlight events and cities all over the world.  It is such a unique way to feel globally connected and get to see a glimpse of another city or event in the world.  Some of my favorite city stories have been Abu Dhabi, Dubai, London, etc!

Who can I follow?
Follow me!  jamieritchiedds !!!  😉

Currently I am loving following some of my favorite bloggers on Snapchat!  I really love hellofashblog, lexiconofstyle, skinny taste, summerwind41490, emilyijackson, and michellemoney!  More and more bloggers and personalities are starting to use this app so my list will keep on growing I’m sure!

What do I do now!?!?  I want to Snapchat with you, Jamie!
Go to the iTunes store and download the app!  (I need you to join me, Brittany!)

Do any of you use Snapchat?  Comment with your username below so I can follow you!  :)

I hope you all are having a great week!


For more snapchatting faq’s/help/questions, be sure to check their website!  I am not an expert and am still learning the ropes! :)



Southern Charm with Draper James


Reese Witherspoon has created a brand that embodies her sweet southern charm… Draper James. I just know y’all will fall in love with the unique and charming clothing, accessories and home decor. I love the traditional Southern sayings you will find throughout her items, such as: “hush y’all”, “put your face on” and “don’t mind if i do” just to name a few. It is such a nice touch that really brings in the true essence of the South. As a Nashville girl, I am proud to be from the town Reese Witherspoon calls home. As you browse through the clothing items you will notice a majority of them have names that are Nashville derived (Belle Meade dress,  Edgehill dress, Hermitage cardigan, Green Hills top, etc) I love her homage to Nashville in this brand and can tell she takes pride in her Southern roots.

Check out my favorites from Draper James below:


powder room pouch // iPhone 5 case

bangle // necklace

 t-shirt // dress

cocktail napkins

I hope y’all have a great week and let me know if you order anything from Reese’s adorable collection. I can’t decide what I want to buy first…



Winner of Lilly Pulitzer giveaway

We hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. The giveaway for the Lilly Pulitzer for Target romper ended May 15th at midnight. We want to thank everyone who entered the contest and congratulations to the lucky winner: Emily H. from Wisconsin. (The winner was notified via email before this post went out). We can’t wait to see a pic of Emily in this adorable romper.



Thanks again to all our new followers and to everyone who took the time to enter the contest. We have lots of great giveaways planned over the next couple weeks so make sure you keep checking back so you don’t miss out.

-Brittany & Jamie